A perfume body lotion with "a sherbet texture." The latest technology locks the coolness on the skin, lightweight, and absorbs quickly. It helps nourish the skin, providing better moisture to the skin. Suitable for all skin types and enriched with concentrated extracts, it makes the skin feel comfortable with a long-lasting premium fragrance.


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The sherbet body lotion comes with a fragrance that stays on the body all day long. Enjoy every time you apply it on the skin with cooling lock technology that helps you feel relaxed and locks the coolness for a long time. Ready to adjust the skin to be soft and white with White strawberry and Black tomato Extract. Reduces skin temperature, light texture, absorbs into the skin more quickly, and absorbs into the skin thoroughly, leaving no residue on the skin, cool, fresh, and moist than the gel.


The sweet scent attracts you to snuggle. Look like a lovely, bright, and cheerful young lady but still conceals a level of elegance in style. The unique scent enhances the charm and seduction of women, whether they are teenagers or working people. Give a look that is sweet and a little sexy.